NORDIC PACKARD OWNERS CLUB was formed in 1971 in an effort to gather the Packard owners in the Nordic countries in an organization and to increase public awareness of the marque. The club has grown steadily over the years and now has approximately 300 members with a total of more than 400 Packards.

The club is run informally by an inter-Nordic work group consisting of a president/contact person and individuals with certain over-arching functions, such as managing an inventory of parts, technical information, sales of club articles and editing and publishing of a club newsletter. The President shall be a resident of one of the four Nordic countries. For each country there is a work group consisting of three or four persons.

The 24-page NPOC Bulletin is published quarterly and reports on club events, among members and their cars. It also contains technical articles and a summary in English for the benefit of the club’s non-Nordic members. A club directory is published annually. Here, member cars are listed by year of manufacture.

A large Packard meet combined with a membership meet is held annually, alternately hosted by the four Nordic countries. Local activities are also arranged in various locations in the Nordic countries.

Only owners of Packard automobiles were previously granted membership in the club. Because of interest and inquiries it has been decided to allow others to be members, with equal annual dues, obtaining benefits equal to those of Packard owners, with the difference that such members are non-voting.

Packard Motor Car Company manufactured quality automobiles between the years of 1899 and 1958. The marque had its period of greatness during the era between the wars, at which time Packard was a leader in the American luxury car market. In addition, PMCC built marine and aircraft engines and has done well in competition and also as a supplier to the U.S. armed forces.